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Meopta Meostar R1

Price: $ 953.98

I have owned multiple Leupold & Swarovski scopes and this the Meopta is an equal to the Swaro in every aspect. The build quality is superb and the optics are as good as they get. Top notch light gathering and crystal crystal clear images for almost half of the cost of the "top name" optic companies. This is a superb product at a terrific price.

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Meopta has built its long tradition of producing the highest quality optical designs and products through technical and managerial innovation. Their top notch optics are produced in their Czech Republic facility, with a focus on color fidelity, performance, and robust functionality. Well known for their state-of-the-art opto-electrical and mechanical designs, Meopta has become a major player in the optics industry offering a superior product, with innovative designs at a competitive price. The Meopta trademark is synonymous with quality, performance and responsibility.

The 3-10×50 Meopta Meostar R1 Riflescope offers a versatile magnification range, and excellent light transmission abilities. The large 50mm objective performs well in twilight conditions, even when you dial up the power to maximum. The profile of this scope is outstanding, with its large front bell, and 30mm main tube. As impressive as it looks, this scope performs just as well in the field; nitrogen purging eliminates the negative effects of dynamic climates, while state-of-the-art multicoating upon each air-to-glass surface ensures edge-to-edge sharpness, and a clear line of sight regardless of the sun’s angle of incidence. Mechanically, this Meostar performs with world-class precision. The internal adjustments are machined with extremely close tolerances, and set with rectifying tension that’s engineered to keep your point of zero accurate, and repeatable.

To use a riflescope with your firearm, you’ll need a mounting base and mounting rings in addition to the scope itself. Bases attach to your firearm and rings attach to your scope. Proper spacing of the rings, as well as the ring height should be considered to ensure a proper line of sight can be established. This will maximize the value of your investment, and enhance your shooting experience. It should be noted that in many mounting applications, a professional gunsmith’s skills will be needed for proper installation.

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Meostar’s Multicoatings
Extremely high (99.8%) levels of light transmission per glass surface with a proprietary IMB-5501 anti reflective coatings & ION assisted application process.
The Meostar Finish
Aircraft aluminum alloy construction with a bead blasted exterior & “Elox” anodizing process ensures an extremely durable and non-reflective finish.
#4 Reticle in the Second Focal Plane
Three long posts at 3, 6, & 9 o’clock direct your vision directly to the center. A single vertical stadia and fine cross hairs intersect to indicate your exact point of aim. The central opening, or ‘gate’, is intentionally narrow for efficient target acquisition against dark & distracting backgrounds.
Second focal plane positioning of the reticle maintains its size throughout the magnification range (non-magnifying)

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  • budgethunter says:
    4 stars

    This scope has great optics for the price, works well in all lighting. Eye relief is only 3″ and is to close for magnum rifles. The poor eye relief is what made me give it 4 stars and not 5.

  • Deerkiller says:
    5 stars

    Absolutely worth every penny! I have been using this scope for 2 years now on my Tikka .300 WSM. It takes the pounding from my handloads, shoots the “Box” great, is easy to adjust, and stays on zero always. The light gathering capability from the 30mm tube is impressive…I even converted my “I only use Swaro” brother. I am about to purchase another one. Fantastic scope, every bit as clear as “the other” Euro optics, for half of the price.

  • highbetter204 says:
    5 stars

    I must say, I have bought a lot of scopes in my day, but by far this is the very best I’ve ever looked through. I can see as clear as midday after 5:30 pm. I wouldn’t buy any other scope, ever!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    3 stars

    I purchased the scope back in 07 and mounted it on my ar-10 today I went shooting and on the 10th round the internal tube of the scope came loose. It has had 600+ round of rapid fire 308 rounds jarring it for a while though. On the other hand the optical qualiy of the glass is second to none. I was very satisfied with the light gathering capabilities and field of view from this product. A GREAT SCOPE FOR THE MONEY!!!! Even though it has failed Meopta is taking care of the problem as it does carry a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

  • AGW23 says:
    5 stars

    You cannot buy a better scope anywhere near this price period.Every bit as bright and clear as my 3-12×56 Kahles Helia for half the price, my scope of choice from here on.
    Thanks for a great product at a great price Meopta.

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